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RespectCall™ Marketing and Fundraising

Since 1993

RespectCall™ means that when one of your supporters receives a call from us, it's as though they received it from you.

Comnet is a PCI Compliant Company

About the PCI Security Standards Council

Mobile devices are becoming the leading vehicles for web access, which means you’re responsible for ensuring the secure transmission of cardholder information. Comnet’s security data solutions meet all of the criteria of the PCI SSC.

How does PCI Compliance affect your organization?

We're a sponsor of the 2014 Association for Healthcare Philanthropy Annual Conference

October 15, 2014

A Compelling Conversation keynote speaker suggests, "If we changed the way we think about charity, charity could change the world." One of many ideologies that will be explored in Palm Desert during the October 22-25 conference. Comnet will be there to discuss the viability of patients as a growing contribution resource.

How Museums Can Become Integral Partners in Education

October 15, 2014

"A radical paradigm shift needs to happen in the learning landscape, in which we are able to question and change the accepted architecture of formal education--preschools, K-12 schools and post-secondary institutions like colleges and universities. Museums have the potential to become the fourth element of that architecture in the 21st century or the common denominator as centers for lifelong learning."

RespectCall™ Inbound. Trust the experts.

24/7/365 coverage. PCI peace of mind.

Comnet is expert at receiving calls for on-air drives and donation lines with public media, faith-based and advocacy clients, and we have the flexibility to meet all your needs. We understand your individual concerns and challenges and have the experience and technical savvy to make your drive and fundraising efforts run smoothly and worry-free. Let us receive calls generated by your website, emails, and direct mail.


"Comnet delivers on
its promises...most
importantly, positive ROI."

Vicki Beighle, Member Services Manager,
American Association of Petroleum Geologists


RespectCall™ Outbound.

Uncertain about whether or not calling is cost effective or if members and donors will react positively to getting a call?

While the internet provides an increasingly impressive social platform, it won’t replace meaningful relationships. We think it’s important to distinguish the value in providing a genuine conversation versus a mere connection: the ability to be heard, a real experience, and the pleasure of an unrehearsed voice exchange—in real time. We specialize in Membership Renewal, Sustainer Conversion, Sustainer Upgrade, Acquisition, Additional Gift, Capital Campaign,


   We Deliver

Known worldwide for our RespectCall™ since 1993
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